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Brand and content audit

Been posting for a while?

Took a few courses?

Tried to copy some influencers’ strategy?


Feels like you’re not getting the traction you want. 

Feels like you’re spinning your wheels. 

Feels like you have a lot of online friends, but rarely talk to buyers. 

Feels like you're throwing darts in the dark with a lava lamp in the corner. 


Or maybe you need a total revamp to match your new pivot. 

Or maybe you realize you need on-going feedback from someone who is an expert. 


Either way. 

my brand and content audit is not for rookies. 


You need to have made a few sales in the past. 

You need to have an audience. 


What I do is I go deep into your content and figure out where you’re stuck. 

And I present to you an action plan to get out and start hitting bullseyes on the regular. 


Some clients I’ve helped with this plan: 

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