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In the life of the solopreneur (coaches, consultants, therapists, solo operators) there are three distinct phases of revenue growth to experience.

Now, keep in mind, these may not be your goals.

That's cool. I respect that.

But it doesn't take away from the fact that these phases exists and in my experience they take certain something with content to get there.

The three phases are:

1. 0-10k months.

2.10k-50k months.

3.50k - 100k months.

I've worked with clients in EACH of these phases.

It's very clear what is going on.

And between each phase is a gap.

In that gap is what stopping you from moving on to the next phase




Also this is MY strategy. Is it the best? NO!

Many plans/strategies out there.

Pick one that fits your needs/strengths.

0-10k months:

This is a period of intense experimentation.

Honestly, you have no clue how to get repeatable business month after month after month.

So, you buy courses, you model other people, you post what you feel like, you rely on motivation more than discipline.

But as you climb from 0 to 5,6,7k months, here's what you're doing right:

You have a niche (hopefully people have money in this niche).

Your offer is good (this should improve constantly - the tighter the better).

Your product/services brings unpredictable results, but you have a couple happy clients.

You have a decent website/profile.

You experiment with different types of content channels.

You're in a "group" that supports other people like you (aka your community).

You're getting a sense of when to post, what to post, how often to post, where to post.

You're decently priced, so you're prolly serving more people than you should.

Basically, the fundamentals are finally working for you.

Your strategy is centered around how you feel that day and converting your community members or networking really hard (Networking is worth it - FYI).

There is still a little too much spraying n' praying going on.

10k-50k months:

The key to breaking to this phase is understanding that in order to command these types of fees is your need to transition from a really helpful person into an AUTHORITY in your niche.

This phase is what I would consider my specialty.

What creates authority?




Content Funnel.

(Once you've achieved all of this, your prices are going up.)

Lets talk about these four factors.


Don't even bother dreaming about coming into this phase if you can't produce consistent results for people.

Here are two things you need to think about/work on:

1. You might be working with too many brokies.

The type of clients you target ABSOLUTELY matters to the type of results you get.

Target people who have the means to pay high prices, who have already produce some success in the niche, who are ambitious and support people who support them.

In this phase you actually either need to create a course for people who can't get results and shift your 1:1 stuff for people who have the "stuff" to get a result for you.

In the end, results MATTER a lot. It allows you to market more effectively and efficiently.

2. You may need to go back and work on your product/service offering.

If need you a coach to help you unlock why your product/service so you can get the consistency you need to get into this phase and stay here!


To be an authority, you have position yourself in the market. Against other solutions and offers.

I wrote an email about this last time. But, it's worth mentioning again for old and new subscribers.

Being super helpful will NOT get you in this phase.

Yes, you must establish credibility of knowledge, etc.

What's more important is to brand your solution.

When buyers go to the market, they should identify your solution and remember it.

Clients who work with me know I classify this as CONSIDERATION phase.

Buyers should feel like they are getting a exclusive solution and expert to tackle their knotted ball of yarn.

The more you get people to consider you for services, the more authority you have.

But they can't do this when they have nothing to compare and contrast your offer/solution by.

You need to create duality. That's positioning.

Let's go deeper. Answer these questions and you'll find your positioning.

Why would someone purchase my services?

Who else are they considering?

What is most important in their decision criteria?

What do they need to see/hear/experience to get the value?


Do you know how to establish a brand online?

With consistent and powerful messaging, no matter what piece of content you choose to use.

And brand at this stage is no longer about feeling, it's about execution of strategy.

People who have true BRAND can attract and command really good fees for their services.

But BRAND begins with getting people to buy into it. It has little to nothing to do with you.

It's about them buying into your vision, into your purpose, into your philosophy. Into your methods.

What do you stand for?

How are you different?

What's your unique sauce?

How do your methods differ from someone I'm thinking about choosing over you?

What is your philosophy in life, business and love?

Content Funnel.

You're no longer winging it. Everything is designed to get people enrolled as quick as possible.

Here are some examples:

Stop Hoping Your Content Will Work

Content Ladder

I have another video on that subject coming out next week called:

(I wasn't kidding when I said this phase is my thing)

So, if you're climbing in this phase, it's because your positioning is unchallenged.

Your brand is memorable and top-of-mind, your content is specifically designed to take people through a no-pressure, low risk funnel.

And you're starting to rely less and less on networking (still important, but not as important as the other phase) and community building tactics to get you leads.

You're charging your worth.

If you have a hard time charging your worth, I highly recommend working with my friend:

50k -100k phase:

Some folks will disagree with me, but this is the phase you begin to scale.

What does scaling mean to me? It means taking a winning message, brand, positioning and saturating the market with it. Multiplying the message using the Compound Effect.

It's creating a campaign that is leveraged on 10 different algorithms to bring you an un-godly amount of traffic.

You actually have the money to invest in the infrastructure to make this happen. You need systems, staff, VAs, PAs, media buyers, copywriters, and maybe a sales team.

People try to scale BEFORE this phase, and I can't tell you what a disaster-waiting-to-happen that is.

You see Alex Hormozi? Remember me talking about him? Mr. 68-Pieces-Of-Content-A-Day guy?

As one of my connections reminded me, Alex was sticking with Long-form YT and short-form IG posts BEFORE he scaled to what he is now. That's basically what I teach you in the videos before.

So, he didn't just hop on 10 platforms and blasted his way though. He build his way up there. Granted he makes 100 million a year, but the fundamentals of the thing remains.

At this level, you know your audience inside and out, you know how to deliver your message, you know your position well, and your product is absolutely insane. You offer is insane. Everything has been proven in the last two phases.

You see... the whole point of this email is to stop jumping all over the place and begin to see your content marketing as no different than learning math.

First you need to learn how to add/subtract (offer and niche).

Then you need to multiply/divide (the ins and outs of content - copywriting and sales).

Then you need some geometry (networking).

Then you need some pre-algebra (results).

Then you need some algebra (positioning and brand).

Then you need some calculus (content funnel).

Then there is Good Will Hunting type of math (scaling).

You need to build your machine one block at a time.

Well, I've run out of gas.

Make sense? Email me if you have questions.

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