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Well, those LinkedIn coaches and goorooos seem to be exploding lately.

Not just on the feed.

But in my messages with prospects and DMs from clients.

A lot of frustration is going on.

Big promises. Big numbers flashing at you. Big lies.

Here’s the thing. These big numbers are misleading. Lacking total context.

Because, you see, most of the content they produce is okay. Most of what they teach you can be found in scripts on Google or any course.

Post authentically.

Be engaging.

Support your network.

Give value.

Be a good human.

Be part of the 1% posting content.

(Am I missing anything?)

Here’s what they don’t tell you…most of the social proof you see (BIG metrics) is mostly manufactured.

I know FOUR people (because their former clients and course-takers keep coming to me) who get big numbers and people keep giving them more money and cash but I don’t see a whole lot of results happening.

Here’s why:

They have private paid communities that operate like an engagement pod. That’s why you see one post that has no hook, basic value, okay copy can get anywhere from 200-1,000 likes.

They mislead you on how much TIME they’ve spent on building their network.

They mislead you on that it's not the content that got them there (on its own), but they are master networkers. They’ve spent HOURS upon HOURS building their numbers.

They benefited from the pandemic numbers.

Two of them have benefitted from being early adopters of the NEW linkedin era (luck).

Some of them have VAs prowling the platform to engage with others at-scale using their account.

Here’s why following them will not help you have a THRIVING business.

Because you don’t have a system.,

Businesses are systems, not smatterings of content.

You need a top of the funnel strategy. (Attention)

A middle funnel strategy. (Desire)

And an end funnel strategy. (Action/Sales)

There’s 52 weeks, not 6 weeks to a year.

Marketing never stops. It’s an engine that has to be running at all times. I doubt any of these gooorooos, with the exception of one, has ever run a four quarter funnel (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4). They teach you 3-6 weeks worth of content.


It’s very, very, very hard to live on inbound alone. Only a select few can do it. The rest of us? We need referrals. Did they teach you how to have a referral system?


See the point above. You must have a ratio of some sort of outbound going on. Not everyone can see your content. The vast majority are scrolling right past. No one is waiting for you to sign on.

A strong outbound game keeps the pipeline full.

Multi-platform is the key to building a system and longevity.

Most of your Linky gooorooos don’t run email marketing.

Most don’t know how to leverage YT.

Most couldn’t tell you how to create leads from a podcast.

Most can’t put together a coherent strategy that gets you leads from different sources.

Single-platform users take the GREATEST risk of all… their entire business depends on the goodwill of the platform owners.

Their entire business is predicated on the good graces of a single algorithm.

So, before you jump on the Goorooooo Bandwagon. See the context. See what’s happening around them.

All that glitters is not gold.

Business is hard work.

Business is risky.

Business is not about passion.

Business requires SYSTEMS.

Business needs to create predictable income.

Nuff said.

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