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This email can be applied to produce content for Linky, Email, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, or anywhere.

We all have voices in our head trying us tell us:

"You are not good enough." "It has too much competition."

Which makes you extremely demotivated.

Everyone has these thoughts including people who you think have great content.

How did they overcome it despite having these thoughts? Here it is how:

“I am not a creative person.”

Forget about creativity.

Content is more about utility and not just creativity.

You need to help people with your content first.

Be a craftsman first, artist next.

--> Attract with what they want. --> Then engage them with what they need.

“I am not good enough.”

Classic IMPOSTER syndrome.

Here is a simple tip:

-->> Dance like no one is watching, write like no one is reading.

Nobody cares about you, they care about themselves.

They won't remember the mistakes you make.

Read 'War of Art'

“My English is not good enough.”

Your job is NOT to demonstrate your proficiency in English.

Focus on clarity, not vanity. Write to express, not to impress.

Read Politics and the English Language - George Orwell

Only Politician job is to complicate English Because if they can't convince you, they confuse you.

"Somebody already has written about that topic."

Remember.. No one is content 'creator.' Everyone is a content curator.

Synthesis is as valuable as originality.

Connect the dots like no one else.

Share your experiences.

"I don’t have the motivation / Inspiration."


Forget about motivation, no one has all the time.

"I write only when inspiration strikes, fortunately, it strikes at morning 9 daily."

Motivation is overrated Habit is underrated.

Sit down every day and write 1000 words.

If you can't write 1000 words..

Write 500.

Can't write 500? Write 100.

It is IMPORTANT TO WRITE DAILY FOCUS on creating habits.

Read Atomic Habits

Read Deep Work

"I don’t have the audience."

You create content to reach a certain audience you want.

Not the other way.

No one will be waiting for you to create content.

Create -> then attract.

Focus on the input and not the output.

Best POSSIBLE way to attract an audience is to give them what they want.

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