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Did you know that 90 percent of what I talk about on LinkedIn is about POSITIONING?

You see, most people say "There's Riches in the Niches" or some puke-worthy platitude like that.

Here's the thing.

If you pick the right niche, then what?

That's why people struggle. It's not just about picking the right niche, but what you do while you're in that lane.

Remember my post from yesterday?

Well, allow me to expand on my PBS Special.

So, a niche is just a subset you choose to talk to.

For example.

I work with multi-unit Chiropractors and DPTs to fill their calendars.

That's pretty niche-y. Basically, you only work with chiros and DPTs who have multiple units. And if anyone has any experience with multi-unit owners... their overheads are insane. It's mission critical that their calendars are BOOKED. So, this niche works well.

How do I know?

I used to be in this niche on Twitter 5 years ago.

I still have two clients that I do content for this very day.


That's not enough.

You still have competition in this niche.

Who would you be competing with?

🔹Other copywriters.

🔹VAs promising leads.

🔹Marketing agencies.

🔹Chiro turned gooroos programs.

So, how do you get away from all these people?

By sharing MORE value?

By sharing MORE expertise?

By sharing MORE tricks/tips?




It's your POSITIONING that will obliterate you competition.

How to establish that?

1. Figure out what everyone's offering by way of content.

2. Figure out what they are selling (actual offer, price, methods).

3. Figure out how you're different from all of that.

4. Figure out WHO you're going to talk to. (Check out my Five Customers and pick TWO - trust me...your positioning with be fire.)

So, back then, and still to this day there are a lot of platitudes, cookie cutter programs, complicated (and overpriced) programs, unnecessary solutions, etc.

Study them all.

And now, begin posting why each of these things don't work. Start breaking down fully the flaws in the solution and how you do it different (back it up with proof).

Also, more importantly.

People do not hire you based on how much you know.

They hire you based on:

✅Probability of Success

✅Understanding THEIR problem.

✅Right fit (product market fit)

✅Connection to your brand.

So, while everyone is busy being super helpful.

You're carving out a position in the market as the true in-demand option within your niche.

Technically, you can create MASSIVE positioning in a not-so-amazing niche.

(How do it I do I know? Well, I have a weak a** niche and still capture clients often and make a nice middle-class living for my family - yes, I'm not rolling in a Lambo. Just a regular dude.)

Try it out.

Let me know your thoughts and questions.

Happy to help.

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