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Several months ago, I was recently hired on to be a content/copywriter for a solo-professional.

They have a blog, an email list, a sizable and active LinkedIn audience.

They give away a TON of free value through the blogs, email and LinkedIn content.


Their LinkedIn was not the main issue.

The issue was their emails and blogs weren’t getting read and the website traffic was really low.

Let me explain something here.

A website is completely useless without traffic.

It’s basically an old book in a haunted bookshop.

It’ll get found once in a blue moon.

Not good.

Personally, I’m very much the believer in the following formula:


If you’re not driving traffic to where your offer is, you won’t get sales.

The whole point of posting on LinkedIn is for people to see your offer organically (wherever you decide to put it - most put it nowhere).

Likewise with websites.

If no traffic is coming to your website, no one will see your offer. Therefore, no sales.

Now, I picked a strategy that might run counter to a lot of content writers.

Most would focus on SEO and try to get found in a Google search.

Well, that’s just fine and dandy!

But, random traffic from a keyword search is not entirely your audience.

You know what is?

Your email list.

Your email list is 100 percent your audience (who have a higher probability of buying).

Why not drive them to your website?

Keep in mind that, before me, they treated their email list similar to a newsletter or an extension of their LinkedIn content.

That’s an okay strategy. Not my preferred method.

Also, their blogs were okay.

Very standard, to the point blogs. You can find the style anywhere on the world wide web of blogs.

But I’m a believer that every (or nearly) piece of content you write needs to be edutaining.

Now, edutaining doesn’t mean being a clown.

It means being the opposite of boring.

So, I ditched the SEO-type of blog writing and I went full crunk on Edutainment Juice.

I wove narratives, I came up with clever terms for basic categories, I had a voice throughout each piece. It was very much written to be read.

And read they did!

My client would share all the feedback the readers gave them… telling them that they never read blogs, and they read end-to-end.

You might want to check this video out if you're confused with what I did above:


Having really good blogs does nothing without traffic.

Emails, in this situation, would be the traffic driver.

I made the emails SELL the topic.

I didn’t give value.

I didn’t give a long preamble.

I didn’t use story-methods.

I used direct-response copywriting to SELL the topic of the blog.


TANTALIZING preview text.

(open rates shot up!)

And revved up the DEMAND to see this topic.

In just 28 days their website traffic shot up +74%.

I completed what I was signed on to do.

Still working for them.

They are still happy.

More importantly.

They are booked for months out.

Nuff said.


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