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The reason why your leads and sales are so unpredictable is because you are trying to capture lightning in a bottle. 


One post at a time. 


But the one-post-at-a-time plan doesn’t drive traffic to your offer for conversion. 


It keeps people waiting.  

Keeps them in the friendzone. 

Both increases your sales cycle.


And the multi-platform, spray n’ pray method is even worse. 


It’s basically throwing a whole pot of spaghetti at a wall and hoping you get something to stick. 




The BOOM! Organic Sales Funnel drives people to take action much sooner. 

It shortens your sales cycles. 

It gets rid of the praying method and gives you a predictable method. 




By teaching you to dominate the short-form content (LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok) and win the attention game. 


With the attention secured we drive them to the email list to nurture them and then drive them to a long form content. 




Case Studies. 



When they’ve gone through a full round of your funnel… the probability they are ready to buy increases DRAMATICALLY. 


Some clients that have won with this methodology:

Black Washed Wall

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I'll help you increase your revenue in 4 months with my system that I've tested relentlessly for the last decade with hundreds of clients. 

I will coach you (or your team) on how to get leads on LinkedIn as well as using full-funnel content marketing strategies (multi-channel) that are easy to implement into your busy schedule. And sustainable for YEARS so you can focus on what you do best: serving clients.

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